Annual Reports:  Annual Report 2016-2017

Each time you make a donation to support Kids’ Voice of Indiana, you are helping change lives forever—the lives of the children and of the parent—it is a simple process that will have a lasting effect.

How does your donation help the children in our community?

$2,000      Provides a child all services necessary to help the child through the court case.

$1,000      Provides a Guardian ad Litem to represent the child’s best interests and advocating for the child in court

$   500        Safeguards a child and provides a chance to visit with a parent for approximately a month of visits through the Supervised Parent-Child Visitation program

$   250        Provides the valuable asset of training classes for a GAL volunteer to serve these vulnerable children

$   100        Delivers one-on-one assistance from our Law Center for an adult needing legal information on behalf of a child

$     50         Offers safety and security for a child receiving services through Kids’ Voice with a supervised visit.  Also, provides training materials for a Guardian ad Litem volunteer

Any donation amount is appreciated and will be used to help children through Kids’ Voice!