Each time you make a donation to support Kids’ Voice of Indiana, you are helping change lives forever—the lives of the children and of the parent—it is a simple process that will have a lasting effect.

How can your donation prevent abuse and neglect of the children in our community?
Provides a Guardian ad Litem to represent and advocate for a child’s best interests in court
Allows a parent and child approximately six months of supervised parenting time at our agency
$   500
One month of cleaning and security services for the Safe Child Parenting Time Program
$   250
Provides the valuable asset of training classes for a GAL volunteer to serve vulnerable children
$   100
Provides resources and materials to train a Guardian ad Litem volunteer
$     50
Pays to host our educational website for one month
$ _______
Any donation amount is appreciated and will be used to help children through Kids’ Voice!













Any donation amount is appreciated and will be used to help children through Kids’ Voice!

Did you know that many corporations offer employee giving programs where they match donations to Kids’ Voice of Indiana?  Check with our employer today to see if they provide matching gifts!

Thank you for supporting Kids’ Voice of Indiana! Every dollar you donate goes directly to children in Indiana that need a voice. Due to a filing mishap, not on the part of Kids’ Voice, we are temporarily unable to claim tax exempt status. We are confident this will be resolved quickly and retroactively. We are currently working with the IRS on the matter. We plan to issue Annual Giving Statements for 2019 by January 15, 2020, for your tax filings and will update you if the situation changes. We thank you for your trust and support, especially during this time.  Kids’ Voice is still operating as a nonprofit and needs your support to serve children in need.

If you have specific questions, please contact Lindsay Faulkenberg at 317-558-2870 ext. 333.