Providing a safe, family alternative to a sexually abusive father and the criminal activity within mother’s home

Kids’ Voice was appointed as Guardian ad Litem (GAL) for Victoria and Julia, ages 15 and 13, to investigate and make recommendations on father’s parenting time. The father had sexually abused the oldest child. After conducting an investigation, the GAL recommended that the father’s parenting time with the oldest child be restricted because of emotional harm by having to visit with him each week. Based on the father’s behavior with the oldest, the GAL also felt that the father’s parenting time with the youngest should be supervised. The judge ordered both recommendations. Subsequently, the GAL conducted a surprise visit at Mother’s home to check on the children’s well-being. The GAL discovered unknown individuals in the home, many of whom had significant criminal records. Then, a few days later, the mother’s live-in boyfriend (who the GAL learned had two warrants out for his arrest) opened fire on a neighbor during an argument. Out of concern for the children’s safety, Kids’ Voice re-initiated legal proceedings. Because of the GAL’s involvement, the children are living with other family members who can provide a nurturing, safe environment for them.

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