Kids' Voice Holiday Gift Drive

For over 35 years, Kids’ Voice has been an advocate for vulnerable children involved in the legal system, providing them with legal representation, support, and ensuring their best interests are heard. Many of these resilient children find themselves in foster care or other out-of-home placements, which can make the holiday season a time of longing for the warmth of familiar connections.

While our recent Holiday Gift Drive has concluded, we are immensely grateful for the incredible support we received this year. As we reflect on the collaborative effort, we want to thank our generous donors and sponsors. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity, we exceeded all expectations and guaranteed brighter holidays for many deserving children. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making an impact with your kindness.

Proud Community Partners of the Kids' Voice Holiday Gift Drive

How does the Kids’ Voice Holiday Gift Drive work?

Wishlists and Matching: Kids’ Voice staff, along with our dedicated volunteers, work tirelessly to collect the names and wishlists of children in need. These heartfelt wishes are then shared with Foster Fairies, who play a crucial role by matching a “fairy” (sponsor) to each child.

Shopping Magic: During the month of November, our wonderful sponsors shop to make each child’s wishes come true. With care and compassion, they select and purchase the perfect gifts for the children.

Gift Gathering: In early December, the gifts are generously dropped off by sponsors at FlexPAC. There, the Junior League and Foster Fairies collaborate to sort through the gifts, ensuring that each child receives exactly what they wished for.

Delivery and Smiles: Kids’ Voice staff and Volunteer Advocates then pick up the lovingly prepared gifts, ensuring they are delivered to the children in time for the holidays.

Are there additional ways to support Kids’ Voice and the children you serve?

Absolutely! The children we serve require joy and support year-round, not only during the holidays. In addition to the Holiday Gift Drive, Kids’ Voice maintains an Amazon wishlist specifically designed to replenish our Youth Enrichment Closet. This closet is used to provide gifts to children throughout the entire year. So, if you happen to be shopping on Amazon, it’s incredibly easy to add a gift to your cart and contribute to spreading joy, regardless of the season. Shop our Amazon wishlist here!

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