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Guardian ad Litem (GAL) volunteers with Kids’ Voice advocate for children in paternity, divorce, guardianship, and adoption cases. As a GAL, you will conduct home visits, investigate the children’s situations, interview family members and other service providers, and write a report with recommendations for the court. You may also appear in court and testify on the children’s behalf. Each GAL volunteer receives training from the Kids’ Voice staff, and our volunteers are supported and advised by a Kids’ Voice staff attorney throughout the case. Volunteers do not have to be attorneys.

Attorney – Pro Bono GAL Volunteer
Kids’ Voice offers an opportunity for attorneys located in Marion County and the surrounding counties to serve pro bono as a GAL on Kids’ Voice cases. Attorneys who would like to volunteer can earn up to 7 free hours of CLE by from completing the GAL Care training course. The GAL training covers topics such as Dissolution, Paternity, Reporting Child Abuse, Guardianship, Ethics, and the nuts and bolts of being a GAL volunteer. The GAL training is offered throughout the year and dates can be found on our event calendar.

{One of our Pro Bono GAL Volunteers said: I find this area fascinating and learned information even though I primarily practice family law.}

Community GAL Volunteer
Thank you for your interest in becoming a GAL to help represent the best interests of vulnerable children. Please complete the GAL Application to begin the process. You may contact Emily Angel with any questions. We look forward to having you join our team of trained, dedicated volunteers.

{From one of our GAL Community Volunteers following training: I feel ready to volunteer and can tell the KV attorneys are happy to answer any question I have.}

CASA Volunteer
Kids’ Voice was recently appointed by the courts to handle the cases for all of Marion County’s children who have been abused or neglected, and CASA volunteers will be a big part of that effort! Because we are in such a pivotal transition, we are currently focused on bringing previously trained CASAs into Kids’ Voice. Soon we will begin to ramp up with new volunteers! Your contact info has been added to our database and we will reach out once we have clear next steps for you to become a CASA. In the meantime, you can check out this video to learn more about the important role a CASA volunteer has in the lives of these vulnerable kids.

Video On CASA Volunteers

CASA Volunteer Application

Continuing Legal Education Training

Attorneys located in Marion County and the surrounding counties may attend a GAL training to receive 7 free hours of CLE if they agree to serve on at least two pro bono GAL cases for Kids’ Voice after completing the training. Attorneys who do not live in Marion County or the surrounding counties may pay to attend the GAL training with no service obligation. Kids’ Voice may do additional CLE programs throughout the year. Check the event calendar for future CLE programs.

{From an attorney who attended our CLE Training:  I came here for a refresher because it has been many years since I went through a formal training and I am so thankful I did.  Got tons of great advice and really did learn a lot.  Thank You!}

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Through your donations, Kids’ Voice is able to serve the abused and neglected children in our community. Every donation, regardless of amount, is appreciated and valued. Thank you! Make a donation.

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Kids’ Voice hosts several events throughout the year, including an Annual Golf Classic and our Monday Night Madness event. Visit the calendar to learn more about future events

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