Having both parents incarcerated for drug trafficking and deportation upon release, Kids’ Voice finds safe, stable family placement for the 3 siblings in need of a secure and caring home.
Kids’ Voice served as Guardian ad Litem for three siblings. The two oldest siblings, Gabrielle and Isabella, were 12 year old twins and the youngest child, Juan, was only 1. Mother had been incarcerated in federal prison for drug trafficking and was deported upon her release. Two of the children were residing with an Aunt and Uncle during Mother’s incarceration and the youngest child was residing with another family cousin. The Aunt and Uncle were overwhelmed financially by caring for these two children in addition to their own two children and wanted to send the children back to Mother in Mexico immediately upon her release from prison. The youngest of the three children was born a few days before Mother went to prison and only knew the family cousin as his mother. In addition, Mother would have no job or residence in Mexico upon her release according to her family in Mexico. All reports indicated that Mother became involved in drug trafficking due to the relationship she had with the Father. Father was also incarcerated and was to be deported to Mexico upon his release. It was clear that Mother intended to rekindle the relationship with Father once he returned to Mexico. Kids’ Voice recommended that all three children remain in the United States and was instrumental in finding them safe lasting placements. The youngest child remained
with the family cousin. The older two children went to live with an Aunt who had a job and obtained a new residence with room for the children. Telephone and written contact was initiated with Mother for the children. The GAL on this case was able to communicate with Mother in Mexico and other family members because he spoke Spanish.