This section of the Children’s Law Center of Indiana’s ELearning Center is for self represented litigants, or people who are trying to proceed with their family law cases without the benefit of an attorney. This section provides general information on various family law topics, resources, and basic forms.

Videos on Frequently Asked Questions

These videos contain information about some of the more general and asked about areas of family law, such as adoption, paternity, custody and parenting time, and guardianship and third party custody. Please click on the video topic of interest to you for more information.


This section of our website contains information on various resources, services, and information available to families and children in Indiana.


This section of the ELearning Center for Self Represented Litigants provides some basic forms for representing yourself in court in family law cases. Please note that these forms are not comprehensive, cannot be filled out by Kids’ Voice, and do not substitute for a thorough review of the case and the individual opinions by a licensed Indiana attorney.

Detailed Information on Family Law:

This section of our website contains in-depth information on the following family law topics:

Legal Disclaimer

This website is not professional legal advice. Accessing information on this website does not create an attorney-client relationship between the viewer and Derelle Watson-Duvall Children’s Law Center of Indiana. Viewers should consult their own attorneys before taking or failing to take legal action based on content provided in this website.

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